Arrested Development, Ex-Husbands & Myopia

My mom gene is at DEFCON 1. Over the past weekend, my daughter learned that her father and second stepmother believe that my kind, intelligent, accomplished, responsible, driven child is afflicted with “arrested development.” Continue reading Arrested Development, Ex-Husbands & Myopia


Pollyanna 2017

Personally, friends dealt with horrific tragedies, illness, homelessness, paralyzing fear and other hardships. But they also welcomed babies, announced engagements, triumphed over hardships, got well, undertook Herculean challenges and generally did what people do—carry on. It is in the way that we approach life’s ups and downs that always captures my attention. This is the core of our commonality—our very humanity. I think if we focused more on our shared hopes, dreams and challenges—and less on our differences—we could change the world. At least, we might have a little more empathy and tolerance for one another. Continue reading Pollyanna 2017


My father was 6’4″ and a BIG man—in every sense of the word. Rotund, handsome, smart, funny, fearless—and a scamp. For the better part of his adult life he was a car salesman. My mother said he could sell ice to the Eskimos. Continue reading Backstory.3