Time Travel

Whenever I hear the Youngblood’s Get Together, I am transported to 1969 Honolulu, cruising down the Like Like (pronounced Leaky Leaky) Highway on a balmy July night, windows down, my hair blowing in the Polynesian breeze in my dad’s monster Pontiac Executive. That moment encapsulates a sense of joyful abandon (and tearful abandonment), adventure and sadness (life is messy). Continue reading Time Travel


A Good (Enough) Egg

Showing up here is my promise to the universe (okay: myself).

When learning new software, or trying out a a new medium, or being in creative flow, it is easy to get lost in the process, especially when Spotify is providing an endless playlist. Alas, my workload for the next few weeks is wreaking havoc with this burning desire to be creative ( I am afire, m’dears). Continue reading A Good (Enough) Egg