One Day at a Time

Yesterday I watched a documentary series entitled My 600 lb. Life. At first, I watched incredulously. How could the profiled people get so big? Most had unsightly appendages that had formed and weighed them down—like having a 40 lb. child hanging from your groin, or clutching your leg. Some were confined to bed and had to have paramedics come to their house to help them go to the doctor while street crews blocked off traffic. Each had finally reached some moment of desperation where they finally sought surgical help. But as I watched, I realized that whether you have 30 pounds to lose, or over 500 lbs. to lose, and whether you are undergoing radical surgery, or losing through diet alone, the story is often the same: troubled childhoods, self-esteem issues, marital issues, parental issues, molestation, familial genes and traits. Food is just the drug with which fat people choose to medicate themselves. Continue reading One Day at a Time


A Toast/Taste for Change

I have been carrying around two-full grown people for the better part of the past twenty years. At least a person and a half for the ten years before that. But when Erin Gruwell told her students that, “the person you were before this moment—that person’s turn is over—now it’s your turn,” something in me snapped. I realized that the physical weight I’ve been shouldering (and boy are those shoulders tired), was nothing compared to the weight of all the people, disappointments, betrayal, remorse, anger, and fear that comprised those pounds. Continue reading A Toast/Taste for Change