But here is what I know about serendipity: you have to have your eyes and heart open. When you say to yourself, “I wonder if I could…” or “So and So is on my mind, I wonder where…” or “I wonder how you do such and such…”, heed wonder’s call; some “happy accident” is sure to be around the corner just waiting to draw you into this wonder-filled world and answering needs and questions you didn’t even know you had. Continue reading Serendipity


The Kindness of Strangers

I know this is the season of miracles, but I have felt particularly blessed these past weeks. If my faith in the unseen has been challenged of late, it has been restored by the kindness of strangers and the powerful forces that have put these earthly angels in my life. Yes, Virginia, it is, indeed, a Happy New Year. Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers

Christmas Memories

I love unearthing the tissue-wrapped ornaments, collected over a lifetime, stirring memories like a cinnamon stick in a mug of hot cocoa. Continue reading Christmas Memories