Intention and Obstacles

2 thoughts on “Intention and Obstacles”

  1. What a year indeed! Here’s hoping that you find everything you need in your new perch and that each new discovery, whether a favorite cafe in which to write or just your silverware, offers you inspiration to fuel you in the new year. Be well and cheers to 2021!

    1. The post was merely a synopsis of the year to end all years. Neither the death of both parents, multiple emergency surgeries with long recoveries, my divorce, or my 2-1/2 month stint as caregiver to my friend with Alzheimer’s, compared with how bloody awful 2020 was, but I survived and may fully tell the tale one of these days. For now, I am too busy to even process the loss and myriad lessons.

      I’d bet your creative life has also taken a hit amidst the pandemic and raising your brood. I miss your missives, Jen! Here’s to a couple of creative moms finding the mental bandwith to actually create in 2021! ❤

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