6 thoughts on “Now.”

  1. Good for you Linda. Farewell tour be damned. Things will turn around. Love the positivity. You are amazing, people will notice all your remarkable abilities and the woman who makes projects look effortless. We all appreciate you, glad you are appreciating your life. xoxxox

    1. Thanks, Fran. They actually already have–at least for the moment. Fingers crossed the new client is happy and will send me more work! ❤

  2. Just re-read this and I do love your way with words. This is just beautiful: “I will miss watching the maple outside my breakfast nook window spring into her verdant headdress every year.” Wish I could write like that, but that is your domain and you do it beautifully. Just thought you should hear that.

    1. Thank you, Fran. I never expected to watch the Pacific northwest awakening for another spring, nor did I expect the world to feel the same fear and loneliness that I was feeling (feel?) when I wrote this. The maple’s tight red buds have finally turned to spring green—just starting to unfold—as if Mother Nature has been sheltering in place along with the rest of us. I needed some kind words today. I love you.

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