Time Travel

2 thoughts on “Time Travel”

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Yes to it all. The time travel (which is always so circuitous, lapping back on itself like it does) and the women in our lives who mean so much and so many different things, and that wistful feeling that things won’t ever be that way (whatever *that* is) again. Hoping you pop out on the other side of your very own Wrinkle In Time, breathing deeply and stretching your soul with a quiet mind and happy heart. xo

    1. Yes. That indecipherable feeling that haunts and propels and sometimes paralyzes as we get lost in the vortex. I have been swamped with work and have not had enough time (in the present) to create and that is creating some other kind of swamp and I am the murky creature struggling to get out.

      But… at least it’s FINALLY spring in the inland northwest (we had snow flurries last week) and there is sunlight and the “greening” of the grass and trees. When the entire world is so magically hopeful and transformative, how can I not be?

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