9 thoughts on “Backstory.3”

  1. i see your face in his…fabulous photograph. such a moving tribute to all faces of your dad. during my time working as a silkscreen t-shirt printer in venice, we got one job in …”rent-a-wreck”. not sure if the phrase was the one and only, but i loved the design. i printed one extra shirt for myself and wore the shirt proudly for years and years…still in a box somewhere. i definitely see you as your father’s daughter. i describe myself the same…thinking i possess about 90% of my dad’s DNA. i was sent to live with my dad during my senior year at AHS…my mother had also had her fill of me. love you, “sis”.

    1. Oh, Christy: yes, I look like my dad, even though people who didn’t know him thought I looked like my mom. Nope.

      That is incredible if it WAS Dad’s business. I know the term and business model got replicated (not franchised), but Dad’s was the first.

      The parallels of our lives are truly astounding. How were we not inseparable? Love you back.

  2. What a beautifully told story of love and heartache. I feel like I can see him, too. So much strength in the telling, and the teller. (Now I need to set aside time today for parts 1 and 2.)

    1. Thanks, Jen. You have your hands full, but I appreciate you making the time. I hope the water is smooth today. Enjoy those beautiful children.

    1. Thanks, Fran. Dad was quite a character (but then so was Mom). I just wish they both could see what a beautiful woman Kate has become.

  3. Life could be so different at times. My father had his own way of showing his love but i hardly think he ever loved my mother enough.He left as soon as my mother as soon as she was rendered jobless.She had done so much for him but i guess that’s life. i have a feeling that your kids will have the best things to say about you.

    1. Yes, it is a puzzle how people can fall in love and then be so horrible to one another. Alas, the kids get caught in the crossfire. Too many of us share this sad saga.

      I only have one child–my now-26 year old daughter. Thankfully, she does have wonderful things to say about me. She is the light of my life.

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