Ode to a Vitamix

4 thoughts on “Ode to a Vitamix”

  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. while reading a recipe, i try to recreate the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes in my head…knowing i will probably not experience the joy of eating it ‘in the flesh’.

    i used to have a subscription to prevention magazine…where vita mix blender ads beckoned. “those are only for rich people” i would think. still have this push-pull energy with money…ever since tiny childhood.

    i, too, have never had a flatscreen tv. two years ago while at a friend’s house in columbus, ohio during christmas, they bought me gifts to make me feel like a part of their family during that holiday time. they gave me a gift of a chromecast…sort of explaining why it was a great thing. i didn’t have the heart to tell them that i didn’t own a flatscreen so i could never use it. the tvs i’ve had over the last 20 years have been found in alleys or bought second-hand at value village …made before flatscreens were invented.

    most people become uncomfortable when you explain to them you are ‘poor’. i have never owned any property in my life, either. funny how many assumptions involving money friends make when you both grew up middle class. i am not poor regarding third world standards…but in america, have always lived well below the poverty line since i left home for college.

    someday i may own a vita-mix…if i win it in a contest. i am so glad you have one!

    1. Kate bought me a flat screen several years ago as my Christmas/Mother’s Day/birthday present. I still have the 13″ Panasonic my mom bought for her when she was about 3 and an old analog Sony that was my grandmother’s. I have struggled too though, and the medical bills have certainly derailed me this past year. It was one year ago at this very moment that I was being wheeled out of recovery and to my hospital room. The gift of that day, and the life I am still lucky enough to have, is what I am most grateful for. You need to come visit and I will make African peanut soup for you.

  2. i love soup and peanuts both! the #1 cause of homelessness is overwhelming medical bills. ever since my SSA disability application was approved (1992), medicare has taken care of most of my medical bills, and after pres Bush pressed medicare part D, my prescription costs too. being poor DOES have its perks. nothing is all good nor all bad.

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