Mapping My Childhood

13 thoughts on “Mapping My Childhood”

  1. i love the font and pics of your map art…wish i was as computer savvy. this is a very wonderful idea and i hope you don’t mind if i steal the technique. as a budding art therapist, i always use magazine collages as my healing tool..but not yet in a map format. i should pencil in one day a week in the day planner for map making. i already use talk therapy one day a week with my beloved therapist, but art accesses a different part of the brain, and thus, a different part of the psyche. xoxoxox

    1. Thanks, Christy. It took me all afternoon (I had no work today), but seeing it all visually sort of shocked me when I realized how many bad things happened in a very short amount of time. The font is a free font called Rabiohead . I created all the art in Illustrator. I have used mind-mapping (more info here: ) for problem-solving, or brainstorming, but never thought about using it this way before. Another thing I’ve been doing over the past few weeks has been to create a timeline trying to piece together events/schools/addresses/
      illnesses/weight gain, etc. — what “seems” random. I am seeing definite patterns. Maybe I’ll finally heal some dark places and finally be who I am meant to be. A girl can always hope.

  2. There is a sad and powerful novel in that map of yours. Here’s hoping you find healing, whether through writing or some other form of creative exploration and discovery. (Just thinking that map looks an awful lot like my MFA-thesis show when I was thirty years old. Feeling lucky I had the visual arts as that outlet right about now.)

    1. I just took a look at your blog and, likewise, appreciate YOUR honesty. I have another post that you might want to read. It will give you some hope that divorce and single motherdom are not the end, but merely a different path. My daughter was 22 months old when my husband left. She is now 25, and I can assure you that the pain of what lies behind is nothing to the joy that awaits. Continue being brave.

  3. I LOVE the mapping idea. I’m doing something similar with the memoir I’m working on. It’s very telling and very emotional to see the twists and turns your life takes to get you where you are now. I’m with ya sister!

    1. It really did render me wordless–not something I am known for. The impact of those four years still reverberates decades later. XOX

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