A Map of the Heart

36 thoughts on “A Map of the Heart”

  1. Oh, what a great read! Life after divorce is –well, it’s life after divorce. It took a while, not to move on from my ex, but to move on from my home and all my nice things (you will get to know that I’m deeply shallow). But–I found my soulmate. We travel very well. He “gets” me. He has turned into a great step-dad to my now adult children and you will find a wonderful man as well! Love your post–it is just so moving! I need to read more. Bye!! XOXOXO!!!

    1. Thank you Annie. I am taking both courses and just saw the Day5 assignment to “test drive” different themes even if you’re happy with what you’ve got. Life is all about the adventure, isn’t it?

      1. What else appealed to me is that you have grown beyond victim, open to new, yet tears can flow freely…I hugged with that last oxi=moron goodbye. Joy/sorrow together. (ramble) Just beautiful. Now go get your hair done, you never know who’ll you’ll meet at the salon (serious!) or, grocery or walking a dog. but you knew that, eh? xox

      2. I work from home, so getting out to BE with people is the challenge.Alas, those great men don’t usually just knock at the door. : )

  2. Yes it is. I’m keen to see the result(s) of your “test drive”.

    I think WordPress’ customisation menu lets you see how a theme would look like before you publish it. And you can always change it back if you decide you don’t like your new theme. (Please note that some themes may require some tweaking to fit your current theme, and some don’t have features like logo.)

    I might try out a new theme.. later. For now I’m happy with mine.

  3. I love this Linda. I never knew that story before! Wonderful! Plus, we must talk about how you’re approaching this intersection in your life, as I am approaching it also and may be ready to take a chance. Again, we must talk.

    1. We shall! I knew I’d been thinking about it, but didn’t know I was ready to send it into the ether until I wrote it.

    1. Thank you, Cheri. And thank you for the comment about having a strong and distinct voice–it means more than you know.

  4. It’s a wonderful read. You are a writer with an original voice. I hope you find love in your life soon and live it to the fullest of your satisfaction.

    Love and light ❤


  5. No matter how far from our parents we travel, it always seems like we keep looking back to see if we’re doing a better job or how we can do it better :/

    Aside to that, it was refreshing to read such an honest and well-written out memory! Thanks for sharing, hope you fall in love soon. In the meantime, perhaps fall in love with yourself?

    1. Reka, I learned to love/forgive/accept/enjoy myself a LONG time ago. I just needed to be willing to be vulnerable again to allow someone back into my heart. I had a serious health scare last year that lifted me up and made me feel hopeful again. Thanks for the kind words.

      1. Being guarded doesn’t have to be a bad thing, keeps the bad seeds at arms-length. hahaa! May the right (or right now) person step up at the right time 😉 Keep updating us of your adventures!

    1. Thanks, Kristin. I am constraining myself to the actual assignments and not going in search of other tweets, images, etc. More of a challenge, I think. I truly love your writing/blog.

    1. Thank you! If we’re ever on a road trip together we can list all the reasons we’ll NEVER live there again (Although I do miss In-‘n-Out Burger 🙂 and how we kicked Fear to the curb.

  6. Thanks, Tru! It’s growing on me. The previous theme was entitled “Confit” and I really hesitated to change because I was very content with it. It’s actually a theme geared for food, so the image of watercolors was something I customized. Here is a link to my friend Fran’s blog that has the default theme: https://atfranstable.wordpress.com/.

  7. This is wonderful! I stopped breathing when he said, “I don’t want to be married to you anymore.” But I rejoiced for you and Katie as I read further. I’m looking forward to more of your writing and great spirit!

  8. “There is no map of the heart that traces a sure path from a dream detoured.” Yes, this.
    That just might have to be the first line of the book you’ve got living inside you. Trick is, now you have to write it. No pressure. 😉

    1. I just realized that in scrolling backwards to see what I missed of your writing (I don’t think I’d ever gotten a post from you in my e-mail box before tonight) that I just wandered back into your life nearly two years. Egads! (But I’m awfully glad I did. I really think you need to write more. This is so good…)

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