Lessons I Learned from My Daughter

12 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned from My Daughter”

  1. Thanks, dear Fran. Sometimes it pays to be the last one chosen. I realized I could have gone on and on, but she would just get annoyed with me. And thank you for talking me off the ledge yesterday. XOX

  2. Soo touchy, vivid and emotional.
    Lafriday, I like your descriptive style of writing and also how well you remember every growth step of your daughter. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story about her.
    I just learned how to document my daughters growth too.
    Thanks once again.

    1. Thank you. You are very lucky to have this platform to document it all in the moment (there was no internet when my daughter was young). Here is a link to a wonderful blogger with young children and the gorgeous way in which she tells their tales . Enjoy every moment as you both grow in love. –Linda

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