I Have a Dream

9 thoughts on “I Have a Dream”

  1. Wow Linda, you are so right. Beautifully stated! Hatred is definitely taught, usually by someone who has one unfortunate interaction with someone and decides the whole group is the same. it’s like finding one moldy blueberry and throwing away the whole box because of it. Keep up the wonderful writing!

    1. Thanks, Fran. Or a bad marriage and deciding that all men are evil, right? If we only learned how to expand our experiences instead of allowing them to narrow our minds.

  2. I was cheering your story right up to the end. All Lives Matter is a slogan used by white people who want to shut down the necessary conversations about racial injustice that Black Lives Matter are demanding. That slogan has no place in such a wonderful piece about harmony across the lines.

    1. Respectfully, that is your opinion. And not all black voices support the phrase or the anger behind the Black Lives Matter movement. The divisiveness that is fracturing the very thread of humanity has to stop. This piece was written in response to the global mayhem, not just the issues tearing the U.S. apart. I have lived through riots and seen the cities that are quite literally burned to the ground. Those cities never come back. I don’t want to see this happen again. Dialogue, yes. Change, yes. But when we hold one race or ideology over another, that is incendiary and, ultimately solves nothing.

  3. I think your dream will come true but not in the hand of imperfect men like us, however, if someone like you in their own little way, helps to inform or share their ideas to the world, impart it to children that will eventually be the one to continue the generation, then hatred will really diminish and I think it is a step worth taking. Kindness and love should be given to anyone despite race, nationalities, religion or creed. As Jesus wonderfully illustrated in the parable of the good Samaritan, do we only consider those who have the same faith as ours, those who have the same color or our skin, those who we consider our fellow countrymen to be our neighbors? Isn’t it that we are humans, one and the same and as you say bleed the same color? We don’t really have to embrace their ethnicity, culture, religion, nation or ideas but we should learn to understand them and not force to them our own, but value them as humans for love knows no bounds.

    1. What a thoughtful comment. Yes, I believe that if we applied the Golden Rule and acted from love instead of hate, then the world would be a very different place. We cannot change nations, but we can change hearts one by one, and thus affect lasting change.

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